Euphoria for Recreational Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Not So Much

The marijuana/cannabis field is so interesting in its present development. Let’s take a look at one of the topsy-turvy parts. And you will excuse me as I do so while I use “marijuana” for recreational and “cannabis” for medical.

If you have ever studied, or taught, the history of “drugs” you will recall how some medications were developed in strength but the side effects were so strong the development of the drug went BACKWARDS in terms of its strength (amphetamines were too strong so they were “watered down”. The logical developmental end of heroin was methadone – again too strong. Cocaine became crack – too strong. Wine became brandy etc. ETOH became Everclear etc.)

Currently many people are operating under the belief that “medical grade” should be “the good stuff” meaning it should be more euphoric (“stronger” or “more potent”) in nature. I’ll predict this is not at all what we will wind up with. Medical products aren’t meant to be euphoric in nature – they’re supposed to address ailments. The “high” effect is a sideline in some medications it is not the intent. The ideas we have around CBD are an example. You don’t get high you get medical relief. The idea is to address medical symptoms. I’ll extend the prediction to say many cannabinoid combinations used for medical purposes won’t have an intoxicant effect at all.

If you are involved in producing medical cannabis products pay attention here. “Find a method of identifying what the important cannabinoid combinations are so you may market an effective medical cannabis product!” (the same with recreational marijuana)

Recreational marijuana is supposed to be fun, an intoxicant, a euphoric. What’s wrong with that ? Think about a good scotch (personally not a favorite of mine). Or to take a step further… brandy. Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy generally contains 35–60% alcohol by volume. So, in a sense, brandy may be construed as “super spirit”. Recreational marijuana will follow this same path. Instead of being less euphoric in nature (than medical cannabis) the public will demand higher grades of intoxication from recreational marijuana.

I think we can anticipate some interesting developments for medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. If you don’t join in early innovation or early adoption… what will happen to your competitive edge ? Can Ford still market it’s outmoded original products ? No. Not many folk are in the market for a Model A when they want a Porsche performance.

Enigami Systems, Inc. through it’s subsidiary, Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC, is a big enough believer in this prediction to have taken a patent out on how to discern the cannabinoids use in medical cannabis and recreational marijuana.

At some point in the future we’ll provide the public with the relationships between the cannabinoids and their recreational and medical uses. Stay tuned !