November 28, 2014 Enigami Newsletter

Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC (a subsidiary for Enigami Systems, Inc.)

Enigami continues to entertain “R & D” proposals for entities interested in developing condition specific medical cannabis medications.

Enigami is interested in partnering with a limited number of Dispensaries and Clinics who wish to be national treatment models for medical cannabis. As the medical cannabis field moves toward medical legitimacy we want to be in the mix.

For folks who are in the process of submitting clinic and dispensary applications for the various medical cannabis states Enigami will consider LOI’s to accompany the applications. In some cases Enigami can offer generous advertising allowances for new businesses establishing themselves as clinics and dispensaries seeking a significant difference in treatment resources – those that help patients determine the appropriate medications(s) for their treatment.

On some Enigami sites you will soon notice a “How to Register” video which also serves as a comprehensive FAQ resource. We’re always improving our products, generating meaningful patents, and trademarks.

Clif Croan spoke on the Dr. Diane Dike Radio Show, “Picking the Right Medical Cannabis For Your Medical Treatment”, joined the Board at the National Association of Cannabis Based Medicine , and was elected Chair (as a gubernatorial appointee) of the (Colorado) Disability Benefit Support Contract Committee . Most of the Enigami staff are heavily involved in community service as is the company itself. A nice lead in for our pro bono Veterans study…

“Do Veterans with PTSD Benefit from Medical Cannabis?” – an ongoing National Study

Kudos to Dr. Gary Miller, one of the study principals, for the Exclusive Ben Swann Video Interview: Dr. Gary Miller Says Veterans With PTSD Need Access To Cannabis Dr. Miller, always meaningfully contributing to the community, was elected to his local school board. Congratulations !

Bill Graf and Clif Croan manned a booth, for the study, at the November 8 Denver Veterans Day Festival at Denver’s Civic Center Park, near the State Capitol. It was a huge event and there were about 5-10,000 veterans. ttp:// Bill Graf is constantly reaching out to various Vet advocacy organizations and is heavily committed to the worldwide community by his “hands on” philanthropic work in Haiti, several African nations, and southeast Asia.

Thank you ! to ML Mathre and Al Byrne, study members, for having made innumerable pitches for the study at more events than can be listed. What dedicated Vets they are ! Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, the study PI, continues her advocacy and has made numerous presentations at national conferences for the Vet study. She’s a Diamond !

Due to hosting problems on our website (2nd time) we were off line twice this month for a few hours. We no longer host our site with that organization. Problem solved.

A new informational brochure is available on the study website:

Please contact the VA to support new legislation enabling them to look at medical cannabis treatment for PTSD. A call to Colorado’s Rep. Polis office wouldn’t hurt either. Ask for Stuart Feinhor.

As always please “spread the word” about the study…the VA and mainstream media sure won’t ! And for all the organizations disseminating information about the Vet study…Thank You !

Have a Happy, Safe, and Joyful Holiday Season !