Do Not Be Jody (1) Again

            Sargent Krawitz can speak for Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access I wish to express my personal position as a Vet and Director of VMCA.

The media gathering you attend today is more than the health information you will receive, more than another job another day. You are more than your job you are a citizen with responsibility for your soul. If you have a soul you will repeat the words you hear today without the shrill reply of the US governments professional deniers of truth as “balance.”

No one who enters a warrior world wants to be a burden in any way in service and later. No Vet wants to kill or harm anyone but there is the duty a Vet swore to honor and the honor of being responsible for the care of your country and inhabitants and that brings some to a place called war.

War is not normal and the things a warrior does are not normal except in war.

Those acts in the world you have lived are a burden for a Veteran because churches, laws, morality says do not kill and yet we have. Some of us killed for years as we swore to do, as our country asked us, you asked us, to do.

It is not over for us- war. It is with us every day and night.

Vets need you to understand and to take that knowledge to US citizens that Vets need help with their lives. Talk helps, with the right folks, but we need Vet companions in our lives because our lives were not yours.

You were “Jody”to us in Nam and that can not change but do not be Jody (2) again.

Support Vets like you treat your dog – with unquestioned love. Believe them when they say cannabis helps, not cures, helps, because they say it, because they earned that honor as well.

What do they say, what do I hear from hundreds of them a week – let us use cannabis. I’m a Vet and it is what we need, I need – to live.

I’m young, I’m old, I served, I tried my best, I need cannabis to live.(3)

Al Byrne, Lcdr., USN, ret.


(1)   Jody was the name we gave the guy that took our girl back “home” while we fought in Vietnam.

(2)   It is the female cannabis plant that provides the medicine/the comfort we need.

(3)   Every 80 minutes a Veteran commits suicide.

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