September 22, 2014, Enigami Newsletter

Our development team at Crank211, LLC have evolved into close friends and co-workers. Despite their best efforts to avoid service disruption Microsoft ‘s “Azure” had a severe hiccup in service the past few weeks. If you encountered difficulties in your web services MIcrosoft may be the culprit.

The “Marijuana for Medical Professionals” conference on Sept. 9-11, 2014, in Denver, was a HUGE success. Many thanks to Ms. Montemayor, of Healthy Choices Unlimited for putting on the most professional medical cannabis conference to date. We can’t wait to attend next year.

Clif Croan, of Enigami, will be doing a radio interview with Dr. Diane Dike, Oct. 10, 2014, about the importance of patients being able to understand the medical cannabis products contents and how they relate to the conditions they’re treating:

Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC (EMC) will be “tossing it’s hat into the ring” at the Marijuana Tech Start Up Competition, in Denver, the weekend of Sept. 26. EMC will only be accepting proposals on the future of the database which defines the relationships between the cannabinoid combinations and the qualifying conditions.

“EMC” has entered into a limited number of agreements to serve as R&D to large grow operations both domestically and abroad. EMC will furnish the information for product specifications to a very small number of growers/manufacturers.

“Brownie Points” – we all love ‘em, right ? A number of Dispensary and Evaluation clinics have signed LOI’s to provide EMC patient medication/symptom tracking (to determine the appropriate medications for treatment) in applications for state licenses to open. Good luck with the applications folks ! EMC looks forward to working with you !

Lastly, EMC has submitted two research applications to the State of Colorado Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program (RFA #1353). EMC and Healthy Choices (HCU Education LLC) teamed together for a study entitled: “Use of urine neurotransmitter markers in determining appropriateness of cannabis for chronic pain patients”. In the second instance EMC has teamed with the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition to research: “A Correlational Study of Medical Cannabis Cannabinoids Efficacy in the Treatment of the Colorado Qualifying Conditions”. Our advocacy position for the Colorado disability community is to assess the community’s needs in relation to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s Medical Marijuana Registry. Tragically the State has failed to allow representation of the Colorado disability community in the various Boards relating to the use of Medical Cannabis in Colorado. EMC is also exploring research needs in Uruguay and Europe.

“Veterans, PTSD, and Medical Cannabis” – the national study inviting 10,000 participants is cruising along and we would appreciate the advocacy of anyone involved in advancing Veterans treatment options through the findings of this valuable study.
Not a word in answer to our communications from the Veterans Health Administration.

Dr. Gary Miller, a senior account specialist with Enigami based in Arizona, will be doing a radio interview on Liberty Radio, catch up to Dr. Miller and his comments about the need for Veterans advocacy:

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